Powering a Raspberry Pi and its 7″ display is not really easy, it needs strong cables, and better be at 5.1V than 4.9, unless you want to endure the “Low voltage warning” aka “Under-voltage detected!”. I assembled this player using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2, the standard 7″ display, and then assembled a dual-connector micro-USB cable and power-supply within an independent box. The software is piCorePlayer, along with Squeezelite and Jivelite. Thanks to the respective teams for the great packages. The player is talking to a back-end Logitech Media Server packaged by my “Swiss neighbour” Michael Herger who does a great job packing up LMS with goodies like Radio Paradise plugins.

Custom-made PSU module for Raspberry Pi and 7″ display.
pcp and dac
PiCore payer on top of my Teac UD-503 DAC.
pcp vu-meters
My favorite song “Tunnel of Love” from Dire Straits. Playing from Radio Paradise in FLAC mode.

The selected PSU is a switching block from Mean Well, 5V, 5A, adjustable output to get 5.1V measured within the Raspberry Pi.