Transmission Line Speakers

The Tabaq speakers are quarter wavelength loudspeakers designed by Bjørn Johannesen. This implementation is based on a Peerless 3″ full-range driver.

The final user is yoga teacher. The reference to Om̐ is of course related to her work in Yoga.

Peerless Tabaq

The driver is a Peerless P830987. It’s still burning in but after 10 hours they sound great. When I had the tiny drivers in my hands I was skeptical, but now that they are playing against a wall, not sub needed. Amazing achievement from Bjørn ! The sound of the Peerless driver is very delicate. Now playing Radio Paradise FLAC channel, Bird York/In the Deep and hey what a delicate voice she has !

Driven by my Pete Millett engineer amp, great sound. Soon I will drive them with a 3e-audio 3255, but this is yet to be built.