Precisely, my model is a SL-1210MK2. After reading an interesting article on on AC-noise inducted by the internal power-supply, I decided to modify my turntable to include a DC power supply, and so take the original transformer out of the chassis.

The modified internals, while I was at it, I added a proper DC-regulator and strobe switcher, both modules from KAB USA.

Based on the design of the 6L6 user of diyaudio forum, I designed my own PCB.

Rectifier, snubbers, CRCRC filtering, bleeder and LED resistor, all on the PCB.
Illuminated switch, official Technics logo.

The result is clearly excellent, the turntable when not playing is “black”, meaning absolutely no noise whatsoever. During playing, the sound is deeper, more present, finer details are revealed.