Modifying an electrophoresis generator for lab usage

Hoefer PS500XT – Electrophoresis HV power supply modified for tube lab purpose. 500V at 400mA should suffice for many circuit developments.

Changes :

  • replace the large on/off/timer switch by an isolated, quick-to-operate, safe switch
  • added a fan on the back, outside of the chassis, because it’s a little bit too tight inside, with the large snubber resistors. The 12V fan is powered with 8V, pulled from the +15V opamp with a 3W/220Ω resistor in serie.

Upcoming :

  • 230/115V auto-transformer from Toroidy (yes, it’s a US, 115V device)
  • CLC filter

Thanks to members of diyAudio, especially smoking-amp, PRR, Bfpca !

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